Hello everybody,

I am Brian Anderson and I am originally from Rome, New York. I was introduced to fly fishing by my parents at a very young age and began my fishing career on the banks of the Madison River over 30 years ago.  I spent my summers living in campgrounds, fishing, and later guiding, throughout southwest Montana and Yellowstone National Park. I am a lover of angling travel and exploration, and each year I come closer to my life goal of landing 100 species of fish on flies.

My understanding of trout and steelhead are keen, and it seems like I am continuously devising and perfecting new fly patterns and techniques to fool anything that swims. I am truly an observant and innovative fly tier and angler, which often allows me to catch fish when others do not.

I act as a consultant, advisor, and writer for us here at OutsideGuru. I am a go-to resource for everything saltwater, Spey casting, and steelhead.  I also hold an engineering job specializing in stream and river restoration and is a regular contributor on Sexyloops.com and other fishing related blogs.