Best Baitcasting Reels – Buyer’s Guide and Review

One of the problems anglers face when buying a baitcasting reel is choosing one that best suits their purpose. In case you are a first-timer and wondering what a baitcasting reel is, it is a tool attached to a fishing rod. It collects and stores fishing lines through a rotating arm.

To fish comfortably in any environment, you need to have a reel tailored to your specific needs. We have evaluated the best baitcasting reels and identified the ones best suited to all fishing environment. Check them out below. 

Top 5 The Best Baitcasting Reels For The Money – Reviews

Abu Garcia RevoX – Best Value Baitcasting Reel

When it comes to using the best baitcasting reel, the Abu Garcia Revo X will meet your expectations as it avails anglers multiple usages. It can be used for boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities that require a reel.

With its 6:6:1 gear ratio, you’ll be able to take full control of the fishing line effectively and bait in deep waters. Friction is common in other reels but not in this thanks to its upgraded clutch and duragear. It casts smoothly, making it the go-to reel for anglers who desire versatility, top performance and reliability in a reel.

As of the design, it’s built with alloy frames, making it rigid and resistant to corrosion. It is light in weight with a weight of 0.23kg. Also, it features a powerful drag system, which allows a smooth and consistent pressure across the entire drag range of the reel, with a weight of up to 24 pounds capable of catching any fighting fish. 


  • D2 Gear design for efficiency, in a ratio 6:6:1
  • Dura clutch design
  • Carbon matrix hybrid system
  • Lube port for maintenance
  • Magnetic brake system


  • Can be used for boating and other outdoor activities
  • Versatile and reliable performance
  • Comes with an effective dual brake system


  • Prone to backlashing and the line could get tangled easily.

LEW’S Fishing Speed Spool – Best Baitcasting Reel Under 100

The Lew’s Speed Spool is a newly produced and improved Speed Spool LFS designed to replace the old model with amazing peculiarities ranging from performance, durability, portability, etc.

This new baitcasting reel is faster, stronger and durable, thanks to its well-constructed design that keeps all the parts in a perfect functioning alignment, coupled with the 10-bearing system stainless steel that gives high resistance against corrosion.

With an easy-to-use cast control, the externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS) allows you to make quick adjustments on the fly for different atmospheric conditions and lures. The product is finished with a lightweight, about 7.1 ounces, as well as a suitable design for use in both fresh and saltwater.

Besides, it can be used in salt or brackish water. However, it should be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water after each use and should be well lubricated as scheduled in the manual.


  • Zero Reverse premium 10-bearing system
  • Drilled, machine forged and anodized aluminum 34-millimeter spool
  • Externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS)
  • New Super Pinion gear
  • Available in Left and Right Hand retrieve models in 6.8:1 and 7.5:1 gear ratios 


  • Can be used for other outdoor activities
  • Lighter, faster, and stronger
  • High gear ratio and ambidextrous
  • Can be used on different water bodies


  • You should dry the reel after each use to prevent oxidation from doing its thing.

Piscifun Spark Pro – Best Baitcasting Reel for Bass Fishing 

The Piscifun Spark Pro is a combination of a super solid and ergonomically designed frame to provide comfort for users. To make navigation easier, its handle knobs are located near the center of the rod. This reduces the pull on the rod, letting you experience a more powerful retrieve. 

It comes with a double shaft supported line wind, making it deliver up to 40% of increased stability and about 35% in total durability. In addition, it has a powerful magnetic brake featuring eight magnetic discs and offers quick adjustment reducing the possibility of backlashes occurring.

This item has optimal shielded bearings responsible for an impeccable operation and reduces wear and tear. These bearings are well set such that this low-profile baitcasting reel delivers smooth operation. Also, it can be used in both fresh and saltwater.

Considering the design, it’s made of carbon handles well paired with EVA knobs to provide strength and easy turning. Also, this reel has a main body made of high-quality material and designed to reduce noise, while improving traction during the process of using it.


  • Double bearing supported pinion gear
  • 11 double-shielded bearing for smooth performance
  • Double hardened anodized 7075 aircraft grade gear made of aluminum
  • 6.6:1 retrieve per turn on a weight 0.7kg
  • Oversize carbon fiber drag


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Magnetic brake system
  • Available in both right-handed and left-handed model


  • No bait clicker

Shimano CURADO DC – Best Shinamo Baitcasting Reel 

The Shimano Curado reel is one of the best baitcasting reels for saltwater with a digitally controlled brake system and offers durability. Anglers of all skill levels can use this reel, as it requires less thumbing. 

What makes it stand out from its peers is that users are sure to experience trouble-free casting regardless of the weather condition or the lure. The brakes are adjustable, thanks to the four adjustments modes available on the side plate.

Built with a solid construction, it has big and comfortable grips, with an easy to palm footprint and incredible cast control. If the gears are used impressively, you are bound to experience a unified reeling and softness cranking. 

For longlasting usage, this reel is protected by a strong and rigid body. Either you are fishing on freshwater or saltwater; this reel is suitable for use. There is nothing to fret about, as this product is free from a backlash, which is common in other types of reel. 


  • Intelligent digital control braking system
  • C14+ technology
  • Made with rigid HAGANE metal
  • Improved gear durability made possible by X-SHIP


  • Can be used by beginners and professionals
  • Durable, strong and rigid
  • High gear ratio
  • Compatible with any brand of casting rod


  • Price is a bit on the high side

Kastking Royale Legend GT – Best Freshwater Baitcasting Reel

The Kastking Royale is built to provide a high level of outstanding performance. It is a definition of comfort, great looks, and sturdy build. Thanks to its pair of soft, easy to maneuver 95.5mm 6061 aluminum alloy handle that allows you to fish all day long without getting tired or bored.

The body is made of high-quality materials and has a non-slip foam padded stainless steel handle that ensures you never miss a catch and has a quick 7.2: 1 virtually silent brass gear ratio when you roll it up. It’s designed more for freshwater fishing, but can be used in saltwater as long as you clean it thoroughly after each use. 

The weight capacity makes it suitable for bass fishing, trout fishing, surfcasting fishing and much more. With this reel’s weight-bearing capacity you won’t need a larger reel unless you are fishing for sharks or something similar. Its frame parades a finish of matte red trimming with sleek gloss black side covers. Its spool is made of red and black aluminum (anodized). 

This item spool tension is adjustable, with an audible micro-click tension adjustment to let you access your tension knob easily. Built for performance and rigidity, it has a 5+1 double-shielded steel bearing with a gear ratio of 7.2:1.


  • The main gear is made of precision brass 
  • Ceramic line guide to protect your catch and line during retrieves.
  • Boasts of an eight magnet cross-fire braking system
  • Double bearing supported pinion gear 


  • Firm, soft and comfortable rubber grip handles
  • Provides smooth operation and a longlasting reel life
  • Possesses a bait clicker


  • Suitable for experienced anglers only

Features To Consider When Choosing the Best Baitcasting Reel

Now that you’re aware of the peculiarity of the baitcasting reel and wish to buy one, below are some of the factors we considered in choosing and reviewing the best baitcasting reels above.

Size and weight

This is the most important factor to consider when choosing a baitcasting reel because it will have a great effect on your fishing. It will tell on your fishing skills, style and stability. Usually, the larger the size of a baitcasting reel, the heavier the weight. 

The type of fishes you want to catch will determine the size you should settle for. Nonetheless, reels of smaller size have proven to be more comfortable than bigger ones because the bigger ones are tougher to handle. Here is a simple logic, small-sized reels for shallow fishing and larger ones for deep fishing. 

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is an important factor to consider when choosing the best baitcasting reel because it’s necessary in balancing the reel. It is written as a set of two numbers in the form of a ratio, for example, 7.3:1. This determines the speed of the reel and how long its spool can rotate. 

A high gear ratio is an indicator of a faster line retrieve and starts from 6:1 upwards, while low gear ratios have values of 4:1 downwards. On average, gear ratios fall between 5:1 and 6:1. You should know the efficiency of a gear ratio doesn’t lie in its number but the purpose, it wants to serve.

Coil capacity

In Europe, it is measured in mm, while in the US it is measured in yards. With the coil capacity, we measure both the diameter of the line that we can mount on the reel and the length that we can store on the coil.


This will help us so that the line does not break when the fish begins to provide resistance once hooked. We can find the front and rear drive brake.

Spool size

The spools are the part of the reel that makes retrieval and casting of the line possible. Since speed is needed to make a successful catch, you should go for smaller spools because they spin fast.

Smaller sized and light weighted spools can be recognized and identified from the holes on their bodies. Also, you should choose a spool made with the best of materials and that specifically means spools made of aluminum because they are resistant to scratches.


If you have picked a baitcasting reel that ticks every box but comfort, then it will most probably end up being useless to you. You need to go for a baitcasting reel you can grip easily. You should also ensure the reel gives the right balance with your rod to improve angling accuracy.

To make usage of a baitcasting reel even easier on you, keep your reel properly tuned and lined at all times.

Drag system

The drag system is the part of the reel that determines the level of pressure on the line while fighting fish. It is the gear spokes on the reel that looks just like a pinwheel.

Select a drill with a reliable drag system that will work flawlessly in multiple situations. It should be able to maintain pressure while pulling up a catch without any line slippage while also ensuring smooth pulling of the line so there is no breakage while fishing.


You should look at the material of the reel, as this will ensure its useful life for your fishing sessions. Traditionally, the reels were made of aluminum or graphite, materials resistant to corrosion and noted for their lightness. 

Currently, you can find reels made with carbon fiber frames to provide greater strength and less weight. Also, alloys of different materials have been used to offer a much more resistant shell. It is also necessary to verify the crank is of good quality because it is useless if it breaks on the first turn.


This mechanism includes a knob with some type of coating; it can be EVA rubber or a textile, to ensure a firm hold, while absorbing sweat from your hands and does not accumulate unpleasant odors. Undoubtedly, the type of reel material will affect its price, but we recommend you review the quality carefully before choosing the cheapest one.


You should purchase a drill that can work effectively across different spectrums. For example, it should be able to work in situations that require a low gear ratio and situations that require a high gear ratio. It should also come with a large spanning speed adjustment option. 

How to Cast a Baitcasting Reel

Often, baitcasting reels can be hard to set up because of their advanced mode. However, if you adhere strictly to the steps below, you’ll have no problems casting a baitcasting reel. However, you should have mastered the spincast and spinning reels before attempting to use the baitcasting reel because this type of reel isn’t for beginners but experienced anglers.

Casting a baitcasting reel, step-by-step guide;

  • Set up your rod by attaching a lure to the end of the line.
  • If there is a brake, turn it or adjust it.
  • Tighten the spool tension knob for maximum resistance to be applied to the spool when released.
  • Push the spool release button and release the tension on the spool slowly by turning the spool tension knob.
  • Because lures have different weights, you have to keep repeating the processes each time you change your lure.

For a durable and prime condition of your device, a little maintenance should be done regularly. Always check body parts before, and after fishing, and with that, the durability of your device is guaranteed. You should also study the nature of your reel; know if it’s suitable for use in fresh or saltwater. 

Getting the Best Out Of Your Reel

Below is how best to take care of your baitcasting reel for improved efficiency and durability. The reel you have would still be useless if it’s not used in the right way. For this reason, here are the steps to using a baitcasting reel to get the best results:

  1. Align the weight of the line and lure to the action of the rod to make sure your casting ability is at its highest.
  2. Master your casting motion: This can only be achieved with consistent practice. Try casting from varying angles with different targets. The goal is to perfect casting with short motion, so your casts can be tighter.
  3. Avoid overcasting: More often than not, casting far is associated with the speed used in forcing the rod forward, but this is not the case. Casting far can only be achieved with fluid motion. If the correct technique is used, then the rod will load up easily and send bait across the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my LEW’S fishing reel on saltwater?

Yes, the LEW’S fishing reel can be used not only in saltwater but on other water bodies like the fresh and brackish water. However, it must be thoroughly rinsed after each use with freshwater to prevent corrosion. You should also check the manual that comes with the pack on how to lubricate your reel.

Is KastKing reel easy to use?

Yes, due to its incredibly lightweight and low profile design the kastking reel is very easy to use.

I am a beginner, but I love the Shimano CURADO-Can I use it?

Yes, you can. The Shimano CURADO is suitable for all level anglers because it requires less thumbing and the brakes are adjustable. On the other hand, you should start with other models of reels built specially for beginners.

How to store my baitcasting reels?

The baitcasting reels should be stored away from any source of moisture and direct heat. For this reason, you should have a reel seat, so you can move it without risk of a hit or scratch. These reel seats are the best option to keep this fishing equipment safe.

However, in situations your reel became wet, you must let it dry in the open air, protected from the sun; In addition, when storing it, you should leave the brake with minimal pressure, which will help its internal mechanisms to last over time.

How do I lubricate my baitcasting reel?

To keep reel the reel in optimal condition, you must lubricate and grease it properly. This is a task that’s not easy to do, but you should do it at least once a year; especially at the beginning of the fishing season.

First of all, to remove the reel, you must be sure you can assemble it again; Likewise, you must be clear about which parts need oil and which ones require grease. In this sense, the correct thing is to apply grease to all gears and to put oil in all bearings. In the market, there are multiple options to acquire oils and
greases, specially designed for baitcasting reels.

However, in the case specific grease isn’t available, use the type of grease commonly used in sewing machines. Also, when carrying out this task, you should use very small amounts of both grease and lubricant, since it’s counterproductive to greasy excessively.

Final Thought

This guide has covered sections needed for you to have a hitch-free experience using a baitcasting reel. It has also differentiated between the different types of reels, there is a list of what to consider when choosing a baitcasting reel, and additional tips on how to care for your reel for improved efficiency and so on.

Armed with all this information you are now capable of selecting the best baitcasting reel for yourself. Weigh your options and make that purchase today to catapult your angling to the next level.

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