Top Fly Fishing Reels For The Money – Review

In this article, you’re going to find out which characteristics make a high-quality fly fishing product better than a cheap fly one. We’re going to cover the best fly reels for the money that will meet the needs of all types of fishing enthusiasts. Some products are perfect for beginners, and other products on this list will impress veteran fly fishing enthusiasts.

Top 5 The Best Fly Reels For The Money

1. Piscifun Sword — Best Fly Reel Under 100

In another brilliant product offering from Piscifun, the Sword fly fishing reel is a super affordable option that’s designed with smooth drag capabilities. This product has a good finish, and its materials are built to resist corroding over time.

The mid-size arbor on this fly product has been thoughtfully designed to reduce the amount of wear on your line, and it has great retrieval capabilities.

In addition to their generous 30 day money-back guarantee, Piscifun offers a three year warranty for their products.

Performance and Technical Issues

Piscifun surprises us once more with an affordable fly fishing product that’s built tougher than typical cheap fly fishing products. Although the arbor on this product won’t hold as much line as a large spool, this reel has been built to incorporate a state-of-the-art stainless steel dragging system.

The clutch on this product only moves in one direction. Piscifun will guide you through the process of switching this reel from left-side retrieval to right-side retrieval, giving us another reason to recommend this brand for beginners.

You’ll have fun casting with this product because it’s lightweight, and the Sword fly reel was built with quick pickup as a top priority. While it comes in four sizes, the lightest option weighs just over 4 ounces.

Although the finish is anodized with a thicker layer of paint, there’s a good chance that this product will collect scratches easily.


For such an affordable price, this fly fishing product is a bargain that will last a long time. It has a great three year warranty from the manufacturer, and it has decent action for such a low investment.


  • Great Value
  • Lightweight
  • Anodized Finish


  • Paint Might Scratch Easily
  • Not a Lot of Space for Line

2. Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel — Best Gigantic Fly Reel With Big Drag Controls

We’ve seen other critics take a stab at Redington’s Rise fly reel; it won awards for its large arbor, lightweight design, and lifetime warranty. These same attributes are true about the BEHEMOTH; this fly product is massive, and it’s designed to be lighter than most other fly products on the market.

Redington’s fly reel is made out of a lightweight carbon fiber material, but you shouldn’t worry about performance issues because Redington has weighted this product in such a way that it’ll function the same as steel fly products.

Performance and Technical Issues

This fly reel from Redington looks great, it comes in five cool colors, and it won’t cost you a lot of money. It’s a great product for any level of enthusiast. It’s a large investment for novice fishing enthusiasts, but it’s not as expensive as some of the high-end models on this list. Yet, it has been thoughtfully designed to impress seasoned fishing veterans.

This product has been designed to make the drag control easier to find; the BEHEMOTH is massive in terms of its v-shaped spool, and its drag knob is larger than most other fly reels.

Some skeptics of non-metal reels might feel like carbon fiber won’t last as long as a mid-range steel fly reel.


If you aren’t turned away by the carbon fiber material, this fly product is a great purchase. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers, and Redington’s mid-range product will hold a lot of line on its spool.


  • Deep Spool
  • Large Drag Control Knob


  • Not Made of Metal

3. Sage Fly Fishing – SPECTRUM Fly Reel — Best Overall

In case any serious anglers are reading this list, we figured it’s appropriate to start off with a reel that will satisfy true professionals. The SPECTRUM is a lightweight and sturdy fly fishing reel that’s made by Sage; this brand is one of the most trusted authorities in the fly fishing industry, and all of their products come with a lifetime warranty that will guard against malfunctions in the field.

This reel is designed to last; it’s built out of sturdy aerospace grade aluminum, and you have the option of choosing between five sleek finish colors.

Performance and Technical Issues

For a luxury model, the SPECTRUM proves its worth; it has good drag assist technology that’s labeled for ease of use. This product is for serious fishing enthusiasts, and it has been designed to last a long time; it is corrosion resistant, and the metal used to construct this product has been cold forged to make it extra reliable.

The large arbor on the SPECTRUM is ideal for holding plenty of fishing line.

Although this product is an investment, the manufacturers have included a sturdy case to keep this fine fly fishing product safe from damage; the ballistic case that comes with this product is made of neoprene material.

Even though the case is a nice addition to have on fishing trips, the company could include more extra perks for such a high price point.


Although this reel is expensive, it has been thoughtfully designed to make the fly fishing experience more enjoyable. If you’re sure that you’re going to go out fishing throughout the year, this reel is worth taking for a spin.


  • Cool Neoprene Ballistic Case
  • Drag Settings Are Easy to Control


  • High Price Point

4. Piscifun Aoka Aluminum — Best Budget Fly Reel

If you’re ready to cast a fly reel for the first time, Piscifun makes some great products that you should try. You won’t invest a lot of money on their rods and reels, and they have a 30 day return policy to make you feel more confident about trying out their products for the first time. The Aoka is a good quality aluminum product, and for this price, it might be a good back up reel for professional anglers.

This product is lighter than many others, but it’s made of the same sturdy materials that are used in the construction of Piscifun’s trout fishing products.

Performance and Technical Issues

This super affordable fly fishing product is lightweight and versatile. It has special disc drag technology to assist with fighting big fish, and the Aoka’s mid-size arbor is thoughtfully designed to retrieve your line in a timely manner.

This product has a bearing that moves in one direction, and it’s automatically set up to retrieve using a left-hand motion, but the customer care team at Piscifun will help you switch over your product for retrieval on the opposite side.

The mid-size arbor won’t hold as much line as the larger reels on this list, and the die-cast paint looks like it will easily become stripped away.


Although this product is made of a lightweight aluminum, I wouldn’t worry about breakage because this product comes with a hefty three year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Lightweight Reel
  • Long Warranty Lifetime


  • Cheap Finish

5. Galvan Torque 5 Fly Reel — Best Saltwater Fly Reel

We’ve seen expert critics give out awards to Galvan for their Rush Light model being the best product in its weight class, so we’re not surprised to find out that this high-end, large arbor reel is worthy of our attention.

When Galvan set out to create the perfect fly reel, they improved upon the designs of their competitors to create a product that’s more durable, for the Torque 5 fly reel is safe to use in a variety of environments, including saltwater fishing sites.

This high-end fly product is designed by fishing enthusiasts who grappled with design issues in order to create a high-quality product that can withstand the most extreme angling situations.

Performance and Technical Issues

The drag knob on this product has been specifically designed to enhance your fishing experience, but it’s also visually appealing. The team behind Galvan’s Torque must consider appearance an important part of the experience because they’ve made this product available in five enticing color options.

In addition to a carefully designed drag system, the Torque will mesmerize fishing enthusiasts with its innovative counterbalanced spool; this product is easy to use, and every Galvan product comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

Although the lifetime warranty will cover any damages that occur under normal circumstances, you will have to pay a pretty high fee to initiate their warranty repair services.


The designers of this product put a lot of thought into what features are important for making fly fishing easy and fun; the drag, durability, and balance of this product will impress you. If you’re a major fly fishing enthusiast, you’ll be delighted with this product.


  • Lightweight Fly Reel
  • Counterbalancing Makes It Easier to Use


  • High-Cost Warranty Repair Fee
  • Expensive

Best Fly Fishing Reels — Buyer’s Guide

This product review is designed to help new enthusiasts figure out which fly fishing products are worth purchasing. It’s equally important for seasoned fly fishing veterans to conduct research into which new products have been released by their favorite brands. Some of the brands on this list design their products based on the lifetime experience of expert fly fishing authorities, so there’s something for everyone.

Conducting due diligence will guide you toward making better buying decisions. If you’re new to this hobby, you might not know what you should look for in a new fly reel, so this buying guide will come in handy. Even if you are a seasoned pro, you might find some useful information in our guide.


Why Are Fly Reels So Expensive?

Throughout this comprehensive review, we’ve shown you the best fly products on the market today. These stunning fly reels are made by trusted brands that are willing to stand behind their products. However, the details differ behind each brand’s warranty, so it’s important to read the fine print.

In general, you pay for what you get. The high-end models on this list come with better warranty options, but some of the affordable options include notable money-back guarantees that should excite new fishing enthusiasts.

How Do You Cast a Fly Reel?

When my son went with me on our first fishing trip, this was the first thing I taught him. One of the reasons I enjoyed teaching him how to fish is because of the ways this sport helps you grow as an individual.

When you cast into the water, you’re supposed to hold the rod with a firm grip. It’s a lot like the grip you have when you shake someone’s hand. This article about casting confirms this statement.

Can Fly Reels Get Wet?

All fly reels are built to withstand some degree of moisture. The materials that compose your fly product will determine how it reacts to getting wet. Many of the high-end fly products on this list have been treated in order to resist corroding.

Apparently, carbon fiber will corrode at a faster rate when it’s accompanied by metal. This article has information about the corrosive properties of carbon fiber.

How Do Fly Reels Work?

In order to master using a fly reel, you’ll need to understand how to properly utilize drag features. Dragging controls are one of the most impressive technologies that will assist in hooking and landing a big fish.

Some of the products on this list have a knob with markings to indicate the amount of drag being used on the line. This article will show you how to use a scale to adjust drag settings.

Is Fly Fishing Hard to Learn?

When my son became overwhelmed on our first trip, I told him how long I’ve been working on my skills. It takes a lot of patience to master this sport, but it’s worth it.

Certain people naturally have an easier time with fly fishing than others. In my experience, people who love nature enjoy this sport. You’ll need to get out in the field to see how you do with it.

Get Ready for Your Next Fly Fishing Adventure

In conclusion, you’re almost ready to get your waders wet. It’s time to select the perfect fly fishing product to suit the needs of your fishing expertise. You need to figure out how often you’ll use this product in order to justify which type of investment makes the most sense. If you’re a true professional, you shouldn’t have a problem spending a good bit of money on a finely crafted fly reel.

If you’re just starting out in your fly fishing endeavors, you might be skeptical about how often you’ll use this product. If you’re looking for a good fly reel that will last a long time, take a gander at what Piscifun has to offer. Both of the Piscifun products on this list are lightweight, and they are designed with the enthusiast in mind. However, you won’t need to take out a loan in order to start testing out your skills at this thrilling hobby.

For true professionals reading this list, you are probably more willing to invest some serious cash into a high-quality fly product. Pick out a product that meets your expectations because you know which user-friendly qualities you find most appealing. If you’re looking for a large arbor reel that has been carefully designed to make setting the drag easier, take a look at the SPECTRUM fly reel by Sage.

We’ve examined fly reels from companies that have been improving their designs to meet the expectations of all types of fishing enthusiasts. What do you think they’ll think of next? In the future, these companies should come up with more ways to guide enthusiasts with casting and using their products. A few companies on this list have videos to show you how their products work, and we expect to see more video content from the top brands.

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