Best Rod And Reel Combo For Bass Fishing – Review

Bass fishing is a favorite sport among many anglers and for a good reason. First, this is a fun sport. And secondly, bass fish has interesting yet predictable patterns, making the entire fishing experience even more exciting. 

But, of course, you’ll need to have the right gear to make a catch. That’s why we have compiled this guide of the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing.

Read on. We have included a detailed review of the best options out there. We also went the extra mile to write a detailed buyer’s guide section to inform your purchase.

Top 5 The Best Rod and Reel Combo for Bass Fishing

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – Best Overall

KastKing is one of the well-regarded brands in fishing, and their KastKing Crisuz Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is one of the best rod and reel combos for bass fishing.

It is a two-piece fishing rod made of durable and highly sensitive IM6 Graphite and has 5 + 1 double-shielded stainless ball bearing.

Key Features

  • A comfortable, super polymer handle
  • Two-piece fishing rod blanks
  • IM6 Graphite blanks
  • 5 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings


From its durable graphite blanks, its powerful drag, to its wide range of rod power options, the KastKing Crisuz Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is an all-around combo best for freshwater fishing. You can use it for trout fishing, bass fishing, panfish, walleye fishing, and more. 

Versatile Rod

The KastKing Crixus Spinning and Casting Fishing Combos are available in different lengths and actions. The rod length ranges from 5’6″ to 7’0″, and its power action rating varies from light to medium-heavy. 

Comfortable Handle

Another noteworthy feature of this rod and reel combo is its super comfy handles. The handles are made of golf-style top-quality super polymer that gives you optimum control and a firm grip even in the wettest conditions. 


  • Has 5 + 1 top quality double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings that ensure your reel is as smooth as it can be
  • It is a two-piece fishing rod combo that is easy to assemble, carry, and store
  • Has a comfortable and durable super polymer handle that provides a firm grip and maximum control
  • The IM6 Graphite Rod is lightweight, sensitive, durable and has a wide range of power ratings to suit every angler need
  • Ideal for use by both novice and experienced anglers


  • It may take some time to get used to the reel. But overall, the combo works well.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo – Best Value

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GCX2 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo is another favorite combo for many bass anglers. It comes in seven different sizes ranging from a 4’8″ to 7,’ and the power rating ranges from ultra-light to medium-heavy, ideal for larger bass. 

Key Features

  • 3 + 1 ball bearings
  • Two-piece fishing rod
  • A gear ratio of 5:5:1
  • Freshwater fishing reel combo


This fishing rod and reel combo is well made and has a super durable rod that is almost impossible to break. And it comes in a wide range of sizes to suit both beginner and experienced anglers’ needs. The combo is available in an ultra-light short version ideal for beginners, while the heavier and longer options are best for seasoned anglers. 


With a total of four ball bearings, this combo has a decent and smooth reel. It has a gear ratio of 5:5:1. Plus, the double anodized aluminum spool ensures longer life and better performance.

While rods with smaller lengths one piece the larger sized options come as two-piece rods that are easy to assemble and use. 


  • A long-lasting rod that does what it is said to do
  • The fishing rod is sensitive enough to catch smallies and strong enough for the big game
  • Comfortable and well-made handle
  • Wide range of rod size and power rating to suit your fishing needs


  • The reel could have been smoother

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos – Best Telescopic Combo

The next entry in this list of the best fishing rod and reel combo for bass fishing is the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos. On receiving your package, you’ll get one fishing rod, one fishing reel, one fishing line, one fishing lures, and a handy carrier bag to store your rod. 

Key Features

  • Highly portable
  • Made from a fiberglass and carbon fiber alloy
  • Ideal for saltwater and freshwater use
  • Available in multiple rod lengths and power actions
  • Durable graphite blank


Like all the other we have reviewed so far, this rod comes in multiple lengths and power actions. But the feature that makes this rod stand out above the other contenders is its versatility. You can use it in both saltwater and freshwater. 

Strong and Durable

The PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is strong and long-lasting. It has a sensitive Graphite blank and is made from a fiberglass and carbon fiberglass alloy.

Its handles are made if anti-slip comfortable EVA material for your ultimate comfort. Plus, the stainless steel reel seats will withstand corrosion by salty water. 


  • Has a left/right interchangeable handle
  • Super smooth reel with excellent drag
  • Comfortable EVA handles that are gentle on hands
  • A telescopic fishing rod that packs down for easy storage and portability
  • Corrosion-resistant and is perfect for both saltwater and freshwater use


  • Combo feels a little flimsy

Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos – Best for Beginners

As a beginner bass angler, you’ll need a versatile rod and reel combo that is not only easy to use but also well made. A great example of such a combo is the Sougayilang Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. 

Key Features

  • 5.0:1 gear ratio
  • EVA handles
  • 12 + 1 ball bearings
  • Corrosion-resistant reel seat
  • Ultra-light


This fishing rod and reel combo is available in five color options and two sizes: either 1.8M/5.9FT or 2.1M/6.9FT. The fishing rod is strong and durable because it is made from high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass.  Plus, the EVA handles ensure your comfort when fishing. 

Smooth Fishing Reel

With a drag power of 11lbs, a gear ratio of 5.0:1, and 13+1 corrosion-proof ball bearings, the reel provides a smooth drag for easy operation. Reel seats are also corrosion resistant making the combo ideal for use in saltwater.


  • EVA handles for a firm and comfy grip
  • Corrosion proof reel seats perfect for both saltwater and freshwater use
  • 13 + 1 ball bearings for a smooth reel
  • A decent pole that is ideal for beginners
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Not strong enough to handle bigger fish

Zebco 33 Micro Telescopic Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo – Cheapest combo

The last entry in this list of the top 5 fishing rod and reel combo for bass fishing is another great product from Zebco: Zebco 33 Micro telescopic Spincast reel and Fishing Rod Combo. It is a 5 foot long, lightweight rod that is easy to use, store, and carry. 

Key Features

  • Fiberglass rod
  • Interchangeable left/right hand retrieve
  • Comfy EVA handle
  • Moderate-fast rod action


Although this is one of the cheapest fishing rod and reel combo for bass fishing, it works well and is best for novice bass anglers. The fiberglass rod is decent and quite strong, the Eva handles are comfortable, and the right/left interchangeable retrieve makes it ideal for all users. 

This combo has a one year warranty against defects in material and artistry


  • A decent rod that comes in at a fair price
  • Lightweight and is ideal for catching smallies, trout, panfish, and more
  • Changeable left or right-hand retrieve
  • Durable fiberglass rod


  • Not ideal for catching huge fish

How to Choose the Best Rod and Reel Combo for Bass Fishing

Bass are known for their spookiness, especially in clear water. That’s why you need to know their habits to succeed in this sport. You’ll also need to have the right gear for the job.

However, choosing the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing can be a daunting process, especially for a beginner. There are so many features you must consider if you want to make the best choice.

To make the process much easier, we have included everything you need to know about the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing in this in-depth buyers review.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is the Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Bass Fishing?

 A fishing rod and reel combo comprise of a rod that is already pre-matched to the appropriate reel.

The best fishing rod and reel combo for bass fishing should be versatile enough to use in freshwater and saltwater. It should also be well-made to stand the test of time. 

Spinning Rod and Reel vs. Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

There are two main types of fishing rod and reel combos ideal for bass fishing. And, you must know how each works.

Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Spinning reels are easier to learn and master. They are light, easy to control, and are perfect for fishing smallmouths. And because most spinning combos have slow-action rods, they are easier to cast, especially for novice anglers.

Most spinning rod and reel combos often have interchangeable left and right reel handles and are perfect for both right and left-handed anglers. 

On the downside, these combos are only ideal for catching smallies. Plus, spinning rod and reel combos give you a shorter casting distance than baitcasting rod and reel combos. 

Baitcaster Rod and Reel Combo

Baitcasting rod and reel combos are a favorite choice for expert anglers. They are accurate and are perfect for quick and smooth retrieves. What’s more, these combos are designed to handle heavier lines and bigger baits. You are more likely to catch the bigger game in the water.

On the downside, you’ll need a lot of practice to learn how to cast a baitcaster properly. If you are a novice angler, spinning rod and reel combos are your best pick. 

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Rod and Reel Combo for Bass Fishing

When choosing the best rod and reel combo for bass fishing, there are several things that you must have in mind, which we will look at next. 

Your Bass Fishing Rod

Let’s have a look at the feature that makes a good fishing rod for bass fishing. 

Rod Power

The rod power refers to the strength needed to bend your rod and is classified as low as ultralight to extra heavy rod power. The ideal rod power for you will depend on the weather and water conditions and bass size you’re targeting. 

If you’re targeting extra-large bass, go for extra heavy rods. Similarly, for anyone targeting smallies, then medium lights power rods are the most ideal.

Rod Action

The rod action refers to how well a rod bends when pressure is applied. Rod action ranges from slow to extra fast. But for bass fishing, it is best to choose a super sensitive rod. Generally, bass fish are spooky. Thus, an ideal rod action for bass is either a fast or extra fast. 

Rod Length

The length of your rod will determine your line’s casting distance. A longer rod translates to a longer casting distance. 

Shorter rods are also easier to cast and carry around. However, the ideal length of the fishing rod differs from one fishing method to the other. Spinning and baitcasting rods are usually longer than those used for fly fishing.

Rod Material

Your rod’s material determines the strength and sensitivity of it. One of the most common materials used in most combos is fiberglass. It is cheap, light, and very sensitive.

Other rods are made of composite. And although composite costs more than fiberglass, it is not as sensitive and is heavier, making perfect for fighting larger bass. 

Number of Pieces

Fishing rods can either be single or multiple pieces. And each of them has a role to play. While multiple-piece fishing rods are easier to carry and store, they’ll require more time to assemble the pieces before use. 

Fishing Line Guide

Line guide refers to the holes or eyes your line passes through when you cast or retrieve. They should pass smoothly without causing any friction. Any friction will reduce your line’s casting distance.


Of course, your fishing rod combo should be gentle on your hands and comfortable. The best handle for your fishing rod should be gentle on your hands and comfortable.

Some cheap combo handles are made of low-quality materials such as cork, which cracks over time and doesn’t last. The best and most ideal material for handles is EVA/foam. EVA handles are comfy to use even with wet hands.

Your Bass Fishing Reel

Now that you know all you need to consider to get a perfect rod for bass fishing, you need a fishing reel that will do what it is supposed to do.

Below we’ll have a closer look at the must-have features in the best reel for bass fishing. 

Drag Pressure

The drag pressure is the pulling force you have on your fishing reel right before the fish starts to fight back. The drag pressure increases as the size of your reel increases.

However, a maximum of 16 to 18 pounds of drag pressure is enough to catch even the larger bass. 

Gear Ratio

Another crucial factor of the reel that you must look at is the gear ratio. If a reel has a gear ratio of 5.2:1, it simply implies that the reel goes for 6.2 rounds for every full circle crank on the reel.

Choose reels with higher gear ratios. These will need lesser cracking to pull the fish out of the water. Any reel with a gear ratio within the range of 5 to 6:1 is ideal. 

Number and Quality of Bearing

The more the bearings in a reel, the smoother it will be to operate. However, the quality of the reels is also very crucial. You may find that a reel with many but poor bearings is not as smooth as one with fewer yet quality bearings.

The best ball bearings for your bass fishing reel are made of stainless steel. These are well made and effective in doing what they are meant to do. 

Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners from Expert Anglers

  • Store your torn and shredded plastic worms. Generally, bass likes to attack injured prey and are likely to be attracted to the torn-up piece. 
  • Choose red and brightly-colored baits. As stated earlier, bass like to attack beat-up prey. The red colors lure the fish into thinking that the prey is injured and will thus attack.
  • Always ensure the hooks are sharp at all times. Because the jaws of bass are very boney, you will need a sharp hook to penetrate well. 
  • Bass will always swim with the current. Thus, to increase your chances of success, fish while facing the wind. By doing so, the bass will find your lure before finding your fishing boat. 
  • Bass’ eating habits change with seasons. Similarly, ensure your choice of bait matches their current eating habits. For instance, because bass prefers crawfish during the early months of the year, go for peach-colored baits. And during summer, change your baits to silver or chrome baits since bass like shad during these warm months. 
  • Focus on shallow areas during spring. Bass spends most of their spring in their spawning areas guarding their eggs. 
  • You are more likely to catch bass just before a storm. Under the high pressures, bass is active and more likely to bite your lure.

In Conclusion

What we have reviewed above are just but among the best fishing rod and reel combo for bass fishing. Did you find a favorite pick?

Our top choice is the KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. It is a durable two-piece rod that has a smooth reel and excellent drag pressure.

Plus, it comes in different lengths and rod actions. Thus, there’s something for beginners and expert anglers.

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