Best Spinning Reel For The Money – Review

Unlike the baitcasting reel that’s subtle and mostly used by experts, the spinning reel is used by all levels of anglers. It’s easy to use and can perform nearly every fishing tasks the baitcasting reel can execute.

Although, the spinning reel is less accurate compared to the baitcasting reel, if you’re less concerned with accuracy, you can buy any of the below-listed spinning reels. 

Top 5 The Best Spinning Reels For The Money

Penn Battle ll  – Best for big and bulky saltwater catch

If you are interested in a fishing reel made of high-quality material and has a sturdy grip, then we highly recommend this fishing reel for you. It is a solid, elevated range spinning reel excellent for catching big saltwater game. 

As of the design, it’s constructed with an HT 100 carbon fiber drag system that gives a substantial drag and still enhances smoothness. Also, it has a full metal covering and heavy aluminum bail wire. To ensure, it long-lasting use, the manufacturer includes a side plate and rotor.

The spinning reel features a fluid cranking with five locked stainless steel ball bearings and instant anti-reverse bearing for a firmer grip. This makes it lightweight and smooth to cast, plus it’s comfortable to hold and easy to retrieve. 


  • Braid ready and has a line capacity ring
  • Full metal body, side plate, and rotor
  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire
  • HT-100 fiber drag system


  • Perfect for big and bulky saltwater catches. 
  • The gearing is stable and outstanding for fast retrieval.
  • This reel is made with top-notch quality aluminum and full metal covering. 
  • Easy to set up and requires little go no assembly. 


  • The thick greasing of the gear house may stiffen the reel.
  • The reel may be fragile as a result of its lightweight and slim design.

Daiwa bg Spinning Reel -Best for silent fishing

This new and impressive generation reel has some very appealing features that we believe will aid your fish hunting expedition. The gear is digitally engineered and machine cut to ensure absolute precision, smoothness and strength. 

In addition to exceptional strength and durability, the design and composition of this tool also greatly reduces spinning noise, making the reel virtually silent when fishing in the water.

Considering the construction, It is equipped with a machined aluminum outer cover to make it strong and durable, making it ideal for all day fishing. The body of this reel is also Black Anodized for adequate bonding to the aluminum and will prevent peeling. This also makes it resistant to scratch and corrosion.


  • Braid ready
  • Screw-in-handle design
  • 6 + 1 corrosion resistant ball bearings
  • Waterproof, corrosion and scratch resistant


  • Lightweight, reduces unnecessary pressure on the hand and spreads the weight evenly throughout the rotor.
  • Smooth, steady and can handle the weight of bigger fishes.
  • Screw-in handle allows no activity between the gear and handles to give more assurance and influence when swiveling the handle. 
  • The oversized gear ensures there are more power and torque


  • Reeling can become stressful because you have to crank it back and forward before you can start reeling.
  • The shank on this reel may short due to the large rotor it has. 

Abu Garcia Elite Max Spinning Fishing Reel – Best for smooth retrieval

The Abu Garcia Elite Spinning Fishing Reel is exceptional in almost every respect. It has a huge advantage over most other spinning reels on the market today, thanks to its smooth and quick retrieval speed.

Made with high-quality materials, the Abu Garcia Elite Max spinning reel is a dealbreaker and is pocket-friendly. This tool high 6.2:1 gear ratio allows you to cover more water faster and the line pickup is much faster than other spinning reels with lower / normal ratios. It is easy to set up and requires little to no assembly. 

The rotor is also engineered with C6 carbon for added strength and weight savings. Besides, this spinning reel uses the Rocket line management system, which means no matter what type of line you use, be it braided, monofilament, or one of the hybrids on the market, you will always have superior control over it.


  • Made up of 6 stainless steel HPCR bearings + one roller bearing. 
  • High-quality aluminum covering. 
  • Constructed with IM-C6 (Insert molded C6) body 
  • Shoot up line management system for smooth reeling.
  • Aluminum spool that gives strength without additional weight


  • Fast and smooth casting ability. 
  • Can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.
  • Durable and can be used for many years when taken care of. 
  • The grip and handle are reliable and will fit perfectly in your hands. 


  • If used regularly, this reel can become fragile and break easily. 

KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel  – Best for huge catches

If you are a fishing enthusiast that’s just getting started in the world of fishing or you want to go one step further, this model is ideal for that. It is a rotating model that has 10 + 1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings, making it extremely durable in the various fishing situations in which you find yourself. 

As of the design, it is made of a resistant aluminum alloy to provide you with an extremely light, practical and versatile product, along with a body made of graphite, which has good resistance to corrosion. In addition, it is quite light and comfortable to use.

Also, the aluminum alloy prevents water and dirt from entering the interior, which reduces maintenance. It features a  braid fishing line ready spool to remove the need for backing and prevents braid line from sliding. This outstanding reel is built for any fish and is perfect for huge catches


  • High-Density EVA Grips for a firm grip in the slippery conditions. 
  • Advanced water-resistant design.
  • Includes high quality, double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings, instant lock anti-reverse, stainless steel hardware, and an aluminum handle. 


  • Affordable
  • Reeling and casting are smooth, and the reel combines efficiency, sensitivity, and durability all in the same product. 
  • Reliable and made of high-quality materials. 
  • Stars a Smooth system, a substantial drag, and a durable line capacity. 


  • The spinning design of this reel is more likely to favor left-handed people than right-handed people. 
  • Saltwater may wear this reel out, and the smoothness with be replaced with stiffness.

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel – Best for beginners and experts

Constructed with advanced materials and exciting design, the Okuma Ceymar spinning Reel is designed to make your fishing experience an amazing and easy one. This spinning reel is lightweight and comfortable to use.

The reel is excellent for both saltwater and freshwater. In freshwater, this spool is perfect for catching catfish, and in saltwater, it is suitable for casting long distances.

Fishing professionals around the world use it because of Its reliability and of its highest quality. This reel has a high-quality manufacture and a precision design, with which to achieve a quick collection of the line, as well as a better feel when moving the line during fishing.

It is a suitable proposal both for users who want to start in the world of casting and for somewhat more seasoned fishermen.


  • Built with a robust multi-disc drag system. 
  • 7BB + 1RB for absolute smoothness
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing. 
  • Corrosion-resistant Blade outer cover design


  • The heavy-duty solid aluminum bail wire and large line roller produce a good performance as time passes. 
  • Designed with convenience and comfort in mind.  
  • Affordable


  • May break down if used frequently due to its lightweight design.

How to Choose the Best Spinning Reel

Buying the best spinning reel isn’t always easy especially in the current market situation where many manufacturers have started labeling their products as the best and aren’t in many cases.

To survive in this hostile environment, we’ve worked relentlessly to craft the features you should consider before buying your choice of the spinning reel. This will give you a nice experience while using the tool and also makes every penny you spend worthy.

We’ve grouped the features into internal and external based on their location. 

External features to consider when choosing the best spinning reel


The first feature you should consider when buying your choice of the best spinning reel is the spool. The spool is a fixed spinning reel that doesn’t turn backward and holds the fishing line in its best position. It also enhances the balancing of the reel while fishing. And they’re mostly made of aluminum or graphite, each useful for a specific purpose. 

For example, if you’re a casual angler who prefers a light-weight spool, consider buying the graphite material. But if you’re a regular angler who loves fishing in freshwater, values durable spool, and care less about the reel weight, consider buying the aluminum reel. 

Reel body

This is the mother of the spin reel as it’s the part other spin components are attached. It determines your fishing comfortability and it’s either made of aluminum or graphite. 

The aluminum types (the most commonly used) are always heavy, making them not ideal for all day fishing. To avert this limitation, manufacturers are now producing modified reel that has holes in their body. This has helped to reduce the weight yet performing optimally. 

Reel foot

Most anglers don’t always prioritize this as it’s the extension of the reel body, still, it’s worthy of mentioning. The reel foot anchors as well as serves as the intermediary between the reel and rod. It’s made of either aluminum or graphite like the other reel parts.

While buying your choice of the best spinning reel, always check if the reel foot fits perfectly into the reel seat and holds the reel securely.  

Reel handle

The primary part of the reel that determines your comfort is the reel handle. It’s made of aluminum, graphite, or plastic and always contains an angled arm and a spinning grip.

Talking of size, the reel handle varies. Some handles are bigger and heavy while some are small and light in weight. However, while selecting your choice of the reel handle, always pick the one with a moderate grip. This will fit perfectly into your hand and not weigh you down while fishing. 


The bail, although similar in design and function in most products is a metallic or plastic curved wire arm surrounding the line spool. It can be adjusted either at the open or closed position and has a line roller on its top end. 

When the bail is open, the line roller moves freely from the spool and returns to its original position when closed. While buying your choice of the best spinning reel, make sure you choose the one with an easy-close bail. This kind of reel is easier to maneuver and safe to use as you can manually close their bail after casting. 

Power roller

The power roller also called the line roller serves as the guide for the line while the bail is closed. Its main function is to spin smoothly and easily and it’s made of materials like graphite, aluminum, brass, or gold.

Drag adjustment

The drag adjustment is a spherical handle dial control located at the front or back of the reel. It regulates the force required to strip line from the reel while the bail is closed. This prevents the line from breaking during struggling with large size fishes.

We like the front drag adjustment because they’re durable, work perfectly and anglers have more control over their drag. In addition, the parts are not much, making it easier to lose and maintain. Compared to the back positioned drag that only features easier to adjust knob while battling with fishes.

Anti-reverse switch

Although, the Anti-reverse switch is an important part of the reel, however, the growth of technology is now rendering its function obsolete. This is because most anglers are now replacing it with a smooth system. 

Of course, the smooth system can also perform its function as it gives precise and optimum results. But you’ll still find most traditional anglers using the anti-reverse system. This is because it helps to prevent the reel handle and bail from spinning backward while fishing. 

Also, some anglers love the anti-reverse switch because when it’s switched off, it allows the reel handle to turn in either front or back direction. This allows the angler to reverse reeling when a fish takes off rather than relying on the drag system. 

Internal features to consider when choosing the best spinning reel

Now that we’ve talked about the external part of the spinning reel, let’s take a look at the internal components and their functions.

Gear ratio

The gear ratio is the number of times the bail arm rotates per handle turn. The higher the ratio, the faster you retrieve the line. And the lower the ratio, the greater it spins.

For example, a reel with a 6:1 gear ratio will quickly retrieve the bail than the one with 4:1. 

Rear bearings

The rear bearing is a rotating metal or ceramic ring featuring a ceramic ball inside. It helps reduces friction and varies in number and quality. The greater the bearings the smoother its action but you don’t always need to consider the number of bearings. 

This is because; high-quality bearings will give you an optimum and desirable result than a larger numerical bearing that’s low-quality. 

Types of bearing

Reel bearings are of two types, namely; the steel and ceramic type. 

  1. Steel bearing: This is the most common bearing designed to be used on modern reels. They’re suitable for every fishing environment but you may not find them more useful inside salt-water.
  1. Ceramic bearing: For optimum fishing function, in every environment, including salt-water, ceramic bearing is useful. This is because they’re more corrosion resistant than the steel bearing. This aids their durability and functionalities, making them an ideal of bearing type for anglers that fishes heavily.

Tips: If you’re unsure of the environment to fish, kindly go for the ceramic reel bearing as they are versatile.

Other components


Talking about the features to look into before buying your choice of the spinning reel without mentioning the weight and construction is half-complete. While making a purchase, make sure you buy a well-constructed spinning reel that’s light in weight. This will ease your fishing period without feeling any pain even if you’re fishing for a longer period. 

And to meet this lightweight function, most manufacturers are now either reducing the metallic component of the reel or by mixing it with lighter yet stronger made materials. In general, your reel should be strong enough to resist any fish struggles. 


Although all the available reels in our guide are affordable, yet, you can spot the pricier products among them. The prices of our spinning reels vary with the materials used to design them and their purposes. 

Below are the prices concerning the materials used to make the reels.

Cheaper price reel

These are always designed with plastic and can only be used by newbies or hobbyists because they’re not strong enough to resist bigger operation. They’re most effective in fishing inside fresh-water.

Budget-friendly reel

As the name implies, the budget-friendly reels are pricier than the cheaper reel and are made of graphite and co-polymer. They’re more resistant, rugged and useful than the cheaper reel.

They’re designed for the intermediate anglers as they can work both in fresh and slightly saltwater.  

Pricier reel

This is designed for the expert. And perhaps, their prices are higher than others. They can be used regularly in both fresh and saltwater without getting rusted. They’re mostly designed with steel. 

Line capacity

To round it up, you also need to look at the line capacity of the reel. This crowns your fishing effort as it shows your effort while catching fish. We mean the stronger the reel line, the larger the fish you’ll catch and vice-versa.  

Kind of prey you want to target 

By the type of prey, I mean not only the species but also the size of prey. The larger the average specimen, the larger the reel will be. For the recovery ratio instead, it depends on the species. If you want to target fish such as sea bass and barracuda that prefer slow retrievals, the slow ratio is better. 

If you want to target fish that love fast recoveries such as the greenhouse, the ratio must be faster and tending towards 6. 

Benefits of Using a Spinning Reel

  • Makes fishing easy for anglers of all levels. 
  • The freshwater spinning reel help catches small fishes without falling back into the water body, likewise the salt-water reel.
  • If properly stored and maintained, it can serve you for years.
  • Saves you some bucks compared to buying the bait.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are spinning reels good for?

Spinning reels are good for teaching newbies and other angler levels as they’re good at catching fishes in every water body. This is because the materials used in constructing them are always resilient and durable. 

Can a newbie angler use a spinning reel?

Newbies can use the spinning reel because of their exceptional design and pocket-friendly budget. They’re also easy to understand even without having prior knowledge of fishing. 

I like hunting for moderate size fishes, what spinning reel size is best for my fishing style?

Since you prefer hunting for moderate size fishes, buying a reel with 2000 size is ideal for you. But if you like fishing for a smaller or bigger size fishes, consider buying 1000 or 3000 reel sizes.

Which one is better, spinning reel or baitcasting?

There’s no direct answer to this as this depends on your choice. For example, if you’re a beginner angler with no knowledge about know fishing, buying the spinning reel is good. This is because they’re easy to comprehend, affordable and durable. 
However, if you’re an expert who loves fishing regularly, using the baitcasting is preferable. 

How do I choose a spinning reel?

Kindly read our guide and you’ll find the answer to this there. 


And we’ve come to the end of this guide on the best spinning reel. We hope you’ve found all the information useful for your fishing dream and style.

Once again, the spinning reels reviewed in this guide are good fishing tool for every beginning anglers or other level as they are easy to understand and also built with quality materials. They’re also budget-friendly and can serve you for years.

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